Picture Gallery


Fig. 1. The Makapansgat jasperite cobble, earliest palaeoart find known, 2.5 to 3 million years old, South Africa (Bednarik 1998).


Fig. 2. The Erfoud manuport, from a Late Acheulian dwelling in Morocco (Bednarik 2002).


Fig. 3. Palaeolithic seafaring experiment. This bamboo raft was built with stone tools and sailed across the Timor Sea in December 1998 (Bednarik 2003c).


Fig. 4. The Tan-Tan proto-figurine, c. 400,000 years old, is the earliest find of its kind, and also the earliest evidence of the application of pigment
(Bednarik 2003b).


Fig. 5. These Coscinopora globularis fossil casts are among the earliest beads known in the world. They are from the Acheulian of St Acheul in France (Bednarik in prep.).


Fig. 6. One of the two oldest pendants known in the world, a perforated wolf's canine from Repolusthöhle in Austria, c. 300,000 years old (Bednarik 1992).


Fig. 7. Some of the earliest rock art in the world, cupules in the Daraki-Chattan Cave, India (Kumar et al. 2003).


Fig. 8. One of the oldest known portable engravings, from Oldisleben 1 in Germany, c. 120,000 years old (Bednarik 2004 in press).