By Paul Bouissac
Rather than confidently aiming at absolute truth, scientific research strives to reduce ignorance. Sustainable knowledge is backed by healthy skepticism and constant willingness to critically reconsider even the best entrenched assumptions. Read more...
By Paul Bouissac
Mary Douglas peacefully passed away on May 17 at the University College London Hospital. Read more...
World Report
By Vincent Colapietro
The community of scholars who are committed to the study of Peirce owe to Frederic H. Young, the founder of the Charles S. Peirce Society, a deep debt, for his efforts in transforming an informal, inchoate assemblage of individuals into a formal, identifiable community of scholars. Read more...
Guest Column
By Gary Genosko
With Jean Baudrillard’s (1929-2007) passing the question of his intellectual legacy was raised in very public ways around the globe. For the most part, the flurry of obituaries rehearsed all the prejudices and exaggerated interpretations that have dogged him since the 1980s... Read more...

Imitation, Memory, and Cultural Changes: Probing the Meme Hypothesis, a symposium organized by the Toronto Semiotic Circle. Proceedings and Videos.

Semiotic Profile
By Cornelia Müller
Photo: Donatella Pandolfi
Adam Kendon is a leading authority on the study of gesture but has also published pioneering studies on the organization of behaviour in face-to-face interaction. Read more...
World Report
By Christina Ljungberg
Notes on the Sixth International Iconicity Symposium; Johannesburg, 1-4 April 2007. Read more...